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Working to Improve your Independence and Quality of Life

We at Accessible Living provide a wide range of options to improve upon your quality of life. We specialize in the following:

Accessible Living
  • Custom Ramps
  • Vertical Platform Lifts
  • Incline Platform Lifts
  • Stair Lifts
  • Ceiling Transfer Systems
  • Residential Elevators
  • Automatic Door Openers
  • Vehicle lifts
  • Wheelchairs & Scooters
  • Bath Safety Products
  • Bath Tub Lifts
  • Grab Bars
  • Lift Chairs

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Our "TOP 10" Products
Accessible Living

Custom Wood Ramps

Wood Ramps

Whether built to a front entrance, back entrance, onto existing decking, or in a garage, we build our ramps with the best quality materials, with the best quality workmanship. We strive to meet all the needs of the client while keeping in mind the aesthetics of the home. All our ramps are built with handrails and outdoor ramps include the installation of non-skid material to reduce the risk of falls and accidents from rain, snow, and ice.

Bath Safety Products/Bathroom Remodeling

From grab bars to super poles to roll-in showers, Accessible Living can assist you with your bathroom modifications. By working with a skilled team of subcontractors, we provide practical solutions to challenging spaces and strive to meet all of your accessible needs.

Aluminum Portable Ramps

Accessible Living features the portable ramps produced by Prairie View Industries, Inc., the leading manufacturer of this product. Portable ramps are a great alternative to ramping systems as they do not require any installation and are easy to pick up and take with you.

Portable Ramps
  • Singlefold Ramps
    • Lightweight, easy-to-handle and set up
    • Folds in half, carries like a suitcase (two foot does not come with handle)
    • Anti-slip, high traction surface
  • Multifold Ramps
    • Separates into two pieces that fold and carry like a suitcase
    • Relatively lightweight, easy-to-handle and set up
    • Steel security pins included
Bariatric Ramps

PVI has created different options for the needs of bariatric patients. The bariatric multifold ramp is very similar to the standard multifold ramp however it includes a patented center joint hinge that eliminates pinch point and adds strength.

Van Ramps

An alternative to expensive vehicle modifications is a van ramp. A van ramp can be used to allow for storage of a wheelchair or scooter in the back of a van or for a wheelchair or scooter to be driven into the vehicle through the side door.


Accessible Living features the scooters produced by Pride Mobility Products Corp., who carries a broad range of scooter models that offer much more than mobility; everything from compact travel scooters that break down to fit into any size trunk, to medium and large size all purpose scooters great for indoor to outdoor use.

Travel Scooters:

Pride Mobility has developed the leading travel scooters in the industry with the Go-Go Travel Scooter series. The Go-Go series disassemble easily and quickly into a few lightweight, easy-to-manage pieces. This makes it easy to take your scooter with you on the road or store it in your home. These scooters also come in four wheels, providing better stability on uneven paths, as well as, heavy duty models for higher weight capacity needs.

Heavy Duty Scooters:

Pride Mobility carries a long line of heavy duty scooters. With higher weight capacities, longer battery life, and larger wheel diameters, the Pride Heavy Duty scooters allow for easier access to outdoor spaces and moderate terrain. A wide variety of accessories are also available, including, but not limited to, rear basket, oxygen tank holder, rear view mirror, cup holder, storage bags, and much, much more!



A transport chair is a lightweight, foldable alternative to a manual wheelchair. Great for transporting someone from one place to another, most transport chairs come standard with leg rests, wheel brakes, and seat belt. Other options include large wheel size, hand brakes, and fabric options.


Manual wheelchairs come in a great variety of size, weights, and styles. Invacare manufactures the highest quality of standard manual wheelchairs in the market today. If you are looking for something a little more custom, check out their Top End line of wheelchairs. Sunrise Medical also makes a variety of wheelchairs ranging from pediatric models that are functional while stylish and fun, to adult folding wheelchairs that maximize space and convenience, to innovative models suitable for the more active, athletic person.


Power mobility devices are a great option for those who do not have the upper body strength to maneuver a manual wheelchair. If you do not have adequate upper body control for a scooter, you may want to consider a power wheelchair from Pride Mobility or Sunrise Medical. From consumer power wheelchairs that provide the maneuverability and portability while maintaining affordability to custom rehab power wheelchairs with specialty electronics and seating solutions, a power wheelchair can be made custom to your needs.

Hand Rail Section

Hand Rails

Hand rails are a great option for those who are mobile enough to get up and down a staircase, but have slight difficulty with balance. Made custom to your home, the handrails can come unfinished or finished, depending on your preference. This is a great alternative for those who cannot afford the price of a stairlift and do not want to give up their mobility.

Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts are a space saving solution to accessibility. Whether installed outdoors into a decking system, in the garage for entry into a home, or within a shaft allowing access between levels, vertical platform lifts have many applications.

  • Savaria Concord: Savaria Concord is proud to offer home and commercial accessibility equipment that responds to your everyday needs and enhances your quality of life. That's why they are Canada's industry leader and North America's 2nd largest accessibility company
  • Bruno Independent Living Aids: Bruno Independent Living Aids has broadened the Accessibility Division’s product line in a new direction – straight up! Designed and built by Bruno’s master craftsmen, the Vertical Platform Lift provides a rugged, reliable and affordable solution for individuals and caregivers who need assisted access to a porch or deck.
Accessible Living

If you have difficulty using stairs, or use a wheelchair or mobility scooter, then installing a Wheelchair Lift is a great way to ensure safely and convenience every time you enter and exit your home. Vertical platform lifts are used to overcome differences in height which prohibit the use of a wheelchair or scooter. A vertical platform or porch lift provides an attractive and practical solution for making your home accessible for a wheelchair user. Alternatively, installing a ramp necessitates large amounts of time and money to build and uses more space than the simple and inexpensive wheelchair lift. When installed indoors a Wheelchair Lift offers an affordable alternative to residential elevators.

Accessible Living

A wheelchair lift can be customized to accommodate new or existing buildings with little or no modification.

The Trus-T-Lift system can be installed indoors or outdoors (i.e. as a porch lift) and is designed to be completely resistant to the harshest weather conditions. Independent mobility is your connection to the rest of the world. It allows you to remain active, improving your quality of life. It's your personal freedom, and that is important to us… that is our job…that is Trus-T-Lift.

Safety, comfort and convenience were Trus-T-Lift's #1 design considerations.

Trust T Lift


  • Innovative Soft Touch Control Pads for ease of operation.
  • Direct drive Worm-Gear / Screw-Nut Drive for maintenance free operation, incorporating zero load start for cold weather climates (drive system allows motor to get up to full speed before lifting car).
  • Expanded Metal Platform allows full under platform visibility.
  • Keyed Emergency Stop to control use of lift.

Trus-T-Lift's smooth and quiet performance makes this light weight, dependable and versatile unit perfect for any residential or commercial application.


Stairway lifts are the perfect solution to home accessibility – taking you up and down your stairs, safely, comfortably and effortlessly.

  • Bruno Independent Living Aids: As North America’s leading manufacturer of stair lifts, Bruno Independent Living Aids is proud to offer a complete line of the finest battery-powered stairway lifts for residential and commercial use.
  • Sterling Stairlifts: At Sterling Stairlifts, not only have they designed one of the most comfortable and safest stairlifts on the market, we also considered how it would look in your home. Unlike others, our rail is slim, elegant and fits close to the wall with the mechanical parts hidden from view. The seat is attractively styled and folds up neatly allowing maximum passage for others.
  • Savaria Concord: Savaria Concord Lifts designs, manufactures and distributes top-of-the-line accessibility products, including residential & commercial elevators, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, incline & vertical platform lifts, automatic doors & operators, and a selection of ADA compliant products.

Ceiling Track Systems

There are many benefits to installing a ceiling transfer system in your home.

Ceiling Transfer Sysytems
  • Safe and easy to use for transferring your loved one
  • Less space required to operate than a floor lifting system
  • Less obtrusive for patients
  • Always available for use
  • No storage requirements
  • Many aesthetic options to maintain home’s appearance

Featured Manufacturers

Horcher Lifting Systems, Inc.: Since 1986 Horcher has been developing and manufacturing patient lifts, slings and bathing systems for the elderly and disabled. Horcher’s attention to safety and providing technically advanced aids for people with restricted mobility and the elderly has lead it to becoming one of the leading manufacturers of this product.

Liko Inc.: Liko has innovative product solutions to perform safe transfers in all types of care situations. With an innovative sleek design, Liko provides a more aesthetically pleasing solution to your accessible needs. Together with their knowledge and wide offer of services, this makes them the global leaders in safe lifting.

BHM Medical Inc.: BHM Medical ceiling lifts are ideal solutions to assist in lifting and transferring residents with mobility challenges and where space is limited.

Vehicle Lifts

These incredible products easily lift, store, and allow transportation of your unoccupied wheelchair, scooter, or power chair with every type of vehicle. There are many advantages to installing a lift in your vehicle, including, but not limited to:

Vehicle Lifts
  • Makes lifting and transporting your wheelchair, scooter or power chair virtually effortless
  • Safe/Reliable - lifecycle and strength tested beyond industry standards
  • No structural modifications to your vehicle - can be easily removed for vehicle resale
  • Can reinstall in your next vehicle
  • Works with sedans, wagons, SUVs, CUVs, minivans, pickup trucks and full-size vans